An online course designed to provide you an evidence-informed training system to elevate your career and enhance surfing physical performance outside of the ocean.

for Surf Enthusiasts | for Personal Trainers | for S&C Coaches | for Surf Coaches | for Physical Therapists | for Physiotherapists | for Breathing Coaches | for Movement Coaches | for Exercise Physiologists 

Become certified to avoid guesswork and help surfers unlock their potential


  • Delivery mode
  • Study time
    30 hours
  • Content time
    20 hours
  • TSP Master Coaches
  • Modules
  • Certification
    SFS Level 1
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Flexible education experience, from wherever you are, whenever you want.


Informed by research and experience from university scholars, educators, scientists and industry professionals.


Every time we register a new certified Surf Foundation Specialist we donate to SurfAid to help promote their current and future projects.

Become an SFS and stand out from the rest

Fitness Concepts Made Surf-Specific

  • Learn to give precise and clear instructions
  • Translate knowledge to action from day one
  • Discover how to adapt your coaching to different learning styles
  • Understand the common problems that are holding surfers back


Improve your communication and set action goals to elicit sustainable change.


Assess breathing patterns and design safe apnea protocols to boost surfers' confidence.


A joint-by-joint approach to injury prevention and surfer longevity.


Understand how much strength and power is needed for surfing.


Test, compare and potentiate all energy systems involved in a surf session.


Improve your client turn-over and performance results with a sustainable approach to training.

Improve surfers confidence

Two wave hold downs are common in surfing. This course will help you design safe and effective training programs to empower surfers breath hold ability. 

Ride the waves with power

Improve and optimize the crucial physical aspects of paddling and duck diving, which account for over 80% of a surf session.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of breathing physiology and mechanics, and how they impact postural support. Master breathing control techniques to regulate surfer arousal levels.

Develop expertise in designing and coaching safe and efficient surf survival apnea training programs.

Acquire valuable professional goal-setting skills and learn effective communication tools to empower athlete success.
"Before starting the SFS course I felt I had a fairly broad range of knowledge and experience in Exercise Science and from coaching a wide variety of individuals. However I wanted to be able to take the guesswork out of what I thought would be best to prescribe surfers and what experts actually prescribe under a proven / evidence based approach. Doing so has filled many gaps for me personally that I felt had previously existed."



"A master piece" | "Practical" | "The core of surf coaching"





Our goal is to connect like-minded people through surfing, giving back to the community and the environment that govern our passion. So here's our promise: Each of our courses will have an associated positive impact that gives back to the community or the environment. 

Our first action was to link the SFS with SurfAid. Every time we register a new certified Surf Foundation Specialist we will donate to SurfAid to help promote their current and future projects. Having said that, you can also help us raise funds through donations to our SurfAid page

Surf Foundation Specialist FAQ's

How much does it cost?

The SFS On-line course is 780€ .

How long can I access the course content for?

Once you've purchased the SFS Online course, you will have lifetime access to all the video and e-book content. 

Why is the SFS course delivered Online?

The SFS On-line course delivery mode helps us make education accessible all around the world. The Covid pandemic has come with massive improvements in Online education. Our surf education online platform includes interactive videos and learning activities, interactive questions, downloadable PDF's and a lot more. 

Read a review from one of our recently certified SFS Coaches: "The SFS course was very well presented and laid out - the way the topics were structured meant that I could very easily "hit pause" when life got in the way - and come back to my place in learning with no difficulty to resume where I had left off. I felt all of the presenters and the entire SFS Community of fellow learners' (which exists as an additional form of background support), were readily approachable if I got out of step with any course concepts to quickly help me back on track."

Are the SFS lectures live or recorded?

The SFS Online certification is pre-recorded so that you can study self-paced, from anywhere at any time. 

What is Surf Foundation?

Surf Foundation involves all non-wave riding components, including coaching, breathing, paddling and duckdiving. 

What will I learn in the SFS online course?

After the completion of this course, you will understand The Surf Pentagon mission and values, and become an expert within all elements of Surf Foundation. The SFS brings foundational coaching concepts to your awareness, improving your ability to communicate, motivate, understand and coach surfers. It dives deep into the breathing pillars of; essentials (basic physiology), mechanics (respiratory muscle activation patterns and awareness), support (dynamic stability), efficiency (respiratory muscle strengthening), control (physiological and psychological regulation) and CO2 tolerance (hypercapnic exercises specific to surf situations). In this course, we will explore paddling and duckdiving in great detail, including movement phases, muscle activation patterns, mobility, stability, strength and energy systems. We will present the ADDIE System and provide a Foundational Analytic Tool Kit to assess surfers abilities and design efficient training programs for peak performance, while mitigating injury risk. Finally, the Surfer Monitoring System has been designed to track surfer's stress and recovery levels to guide the application of evidence-informed recovery strategies to elicit the best adaptations.

Will this course cover wave-riding?

No, this course is focused on Surf Foundation so you become an expert at improving the activities that account for more than 80% of a surf session. Surf Performance will be covered in the Surf Performance Specialist (SPS) course. However, we strongly recommend completing the SFS to solidify your foundational knowledge. Register your interest for the SPS below to stay up-to-date with the latest news.
Thank you! We are currently developing the SPS certification with The Surf Pentagon team and a talented group of TSP Master Coaches. We will get back to you with more information as soon as possible

How does the SFS compare to other options?

The SFS is a pioneering course like no other on the market. It is the first time a group of passionate surfers and exercise scientists analyse the sport and build a training system to certify professionals. 

What type of work can I do with surfers after I get certified?

Using the ADDIE System, you will be able to Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate cutting edge surf-specific training programs to improve foundational components that account for the majority of a surf session (80%). This includes a systematic and reliable assessment protocol to design training programs for your surfers. Work with them in the swimming pool and gym to enhance all breathing components, mobility, stability, strength and energy systems. You´ll also become competent in implementing a stress monitoring system and best-practice recovery strategies. 

What support is available after the course?

TSP will offer 8-week Online Mentorships for coaches who want to solidify their knowledge and refine their practice. You will get a personal experience with direct contact to TSP Master Coaches and other like-minded individuals. Register your interest to find out more.
Thanks! We are currently organising the next SFS Online Mentorship Program dates. We will get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

Do you offer any special packages for surf schools, gym-owners or organisations?

Absolutely! We firmly believe that the SFS can transform your surf school into a year-round, swell-independent venture, expanding the range of services you can provide. For team packages and further inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with us at